Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What can I say?  Actually, what possibly can be said to console the families, ease the pain, or somehow, rectify the harm orchestrated at Sandy Hook Elementary on that chilly day in December?  There.is.nothing. Families are shattered; lives are ruined, and I think, the way we look at safety in schools has changed.  This tragedy wasn’t the result of bullying or abuse.  The victims at Sandy Hook were targeted only by matter of coincidence. 
In the aftermath of this, many have pleaded for new legislation.  Now, I’m not specifically for or against gun control.  I, personally, do not own a gun, but I respect the right given to those who do.  I believe that the right to bare arms has undoubtedly contributed to some of the violence our country sees today.  I honestly don’t believe, however, that prohibiting that right would diminish all violence in our society.  Do I think we should strip our citizens of their natural-born right?  Absolutely not, but something has to change. 
Schools are supposed to be one of the safest places for children and I suppose it still is, but after Sandy Hook, teachers, parents, and students all carry just a little chip on their shoulders.  In both schools where I’ve held teaching jobs had locked external doors – at all times.  There is a camera outside the front door and they must buzz to identify themselves before they are admitted.  Sandy Hook Elementary used this same safety regimen when allowing guests.  The fact that this didn’t protect the children or deter the gunman is quite alarming.
Something has to change.  But, what can we do? Where can we improve? How can we change?  When will this senseless violence end?