Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reaching the Unreachable

We, as teachers, have all had them but hate to admit – disinterested students that just don’t seem to care…about anything.  But, Ben Johnson discusses using technology to reach these students in his article, “Using Technology to Reach Unreachable Students.” Normally, disengaged students seem to become more interested when teachers incorporate technology into lesson plans.  An oral class discussion can be dominated by select students, but a digital conversation can include the entire class.  iPads engage students, and they tend to learn more.
I wish iPads and unlimited technology was available at my school but unfortunately, it isn’t.  We don’t have wireless Internet and time spent loading web pages is often frustrating for students (and teachers.)  In fact, I had students create an Animoto video, but the lesson didn’t work too well because the videos wouldn’t even load, and students weren’t able to see their finished product.  I want to reach the unreachable students; I want to engage them in learning, but how can I appeal to them with my less sophisticated technology?

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  1. I am going through this situation right now. I have those few that are just not engaged in the conversation. When we are doing hands on activities however they are very engaged, though not always following directions. So because of this I have found ways to vary my instruction using discussion, hands on, you tube, and trying to get ahold of the ipads from the building but I am having no luck. So my advice to you is to just try to keep it new and fresh and change things up. That is what I have done and seems to be helping.