Wednesday, October 31, 2012


ReadWrite published an article about the top ten most terrifying technology nightmares.  Although the list provides a humorous vision of our now dependant technological world, being it’s Halloween, I thought that I’d discuss my own technology nightmares.  Nearly every facet of my life involves technology, and while it’s soothing for me to curl up with my laptop before bed, if technology is malfunctioning, it can be the most frustrating thing ever!  Literally, I can visualize just chucking my computer through the window. 
ReadWrite’s top terrifying technology nightmare involves having Google compile information about you and use it to blackmail you.  I feel like certain websites sort of already do this, not to blackmail you, but to personalize your online experience.  Take Facebook, for example.  Since the creation of the Timeline, you only really see what’s going on amongst your top friends that you interact with most often.  They have even customized the advertisements based on what you most look at on your computer.  This isn’t considered a nightmare; this is good marketing. 
The most terrifying technology nightmare imaginable would be me, 25 first graders, and computers that aren’t working.  Being primarily a secondary teacher, I am not equipped with the tools necessary to fully manage young ones.  I see these young ones once a week, so I don’t have that much time with them.  When the students are distracted with computers, they are fine, but I wouldn’t have any idea what to do if something wasn’t working properly.  The first day of class with them I tried to have a discussion about rules, and students were hiding under tables and rolling around the floor.  S.O.S – literally,
The bottom line is that we’ve become so dependent on technology – for basically everything – that we’re unsure of how to even function without it.  Can you imagine going technology-free for a week, day?  Me either and the thought honestly makes me cringe.  Now, that’s a scary Halloween! 


  1. I tell you that going without technology is a very scary thing!!! I recently deactivated my facebook and it took me a good week get used to not having it. Even without facebook I see advertisements based on my searches. CRAZY!

  2. I have to share my technology nightmare. I was just about to do my final presentation for an online class (I had about another 5 minutes before my turn) when my connection started to go out and finally everything quit completely. I reset to no avail and then I tried 2 other computers but they weren't set up for the particular online environment. Eventually, with a hard wired connection, I got back into the class with only minutes to spare. I actually managed to get my presentation done but, wow, that was scary.