Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Facebook Phenomenon

Facebook began as just a social-networking site where college people could meet other college-aged people.  Today, it has grown into a multi-million (billion?) dollar empire that connects people from all over the world to chat, play games, etc.  When Facebook was created, Mark Zuckerberg was just a Harvard college student, and well, we know how the rest of that story worked out. 
What is easy to forget is that Facebook is a business.  Not only have so many people become dependent on updating their status or profile picture, there are people constantly trying to improve our Facebook experience.  They want people to be dependent on the website for a social life.  While changes may initially be groaned upon, people will eventually accommodate themselves to the changes and continue on. 
In Dave Copeland’s article, “Facebook Turns Corner on Mobile Revenue Concerns,” he discusses how Facebook’s third-quarter earnings have increased, thanks to mobile advertising revenue.  Initially, revenue seemed stagnant, but as technology emerges and improves, people will conform to changes.
Now that Facebook earns a remarkable income on advertising, games, and so much more, who knows where they will go in the future?  Social networking has become the norm of 2012, and I’m sure Facebook will continue to improve the user’s experience.

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  1. I can remember when I was sitting in my apartment at CMU and signed up for Facebook. I never thought it would grow to be this big social network that so many people now belong to. It is amazing how it took off and how many people do rely on it now. I think that even though it is a social networking site people tend to lose some of their actual social skills with the use of technology. People can be rude and disrespectful on Facebook but yet in "real life" would they say those things to people's faces? I doubt it. I am a member of Facebook but am careful with the posts I make and how I am viewed. I hope people realize how they are affecting others when they post.