Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good Deals

I always like a good deal.  If I can save a certain percentage, I seem to always be able to justify spending on something.  Now, I’m not a crazy coupon lady or anything; I’m more like an Internet- junkie-website-enroller-for-discounts type of lady.  I love to sign-up to receive e-mails for different stores because usually, they’ll always send you a 15-20% off coupon just for enrolling with periodic coupons after that.  Now, my inbox gets sort of crowded sometimes.  During the week, I always have my e-mail open and I enjoy going through the different offers from stores.  However, if I find that I’m not getting what I want out of the e-mails (ahem…coupons, sales promotions, etc.) then I discontinue them.  At the bottom of the e-mail, there is a tiny, tiny button that is usually faded grey that says, “Unsubscribe.”  When you click this button, you’ll be able to adjust your settings to how often you receive e-mails from this business.  If you opt-out, the e-mails will no longer come.  Simple as that.  I do this once every few months to prevent too much of a good thing in my e-mail. 
In an article on ReadWriteThink, Robyn Tippins discusses the same sort of issue in her article, “How to Keep Marketing E-Mails from Drowing Your Inbox.”  However, she offers a different solution.  Swizzle is an online service that scans your inbox for commercial e-mails. 
Just as I clicked on this website, I was thinking how unnecessary it was, but its careful ploy really intrigues the customer.  Is it free?  Will it weed out what I want from what I don’t need?  Then, I click on the total game changer – it gives you the top promotional deals from various companies. This is something I can get used to.  I decide that I do want to sign up, but it doesn’t support my e-mail provider.  Psh…some things are too good to be true. 


  1. I myself am also a subscriber junkie. I love shopping online because this time of year the crowds of people are just too much to handle. It is too bad that website doesnt work because it sounds like it would have come in handy big time.

  2. Thanks for the good information! I don't subscribe to anything because I guard my inbox so closely. I just can't cope with too many emails. I already have a work and school account that are necessary, a personal account that I actually check, and a personal account that I never look at. I sure do like the idea of getting some good deals though; I'll have to look into Swizzle.