Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is Instagram?!

What is Instagram?!  Why, in this day and age, do we want to make our pictures look aged?  Currently, Instagram is an app used on your phone to edit pictures.  It changes lighting, gives pictures borders, and yes, can make pictures look like those old 1960’s portraits that hide in everyone’s basement.  But, it is a huge company making a killing in profits.  I believe it is successful because it is a contemporary version of picture-taking.  Don’t you remember when black and white pictures became popular again?  It is something new and changes the way we capture images.  Even though this company is so successful, it is presently limited to the confines of your cell phone.  However, Instagram is expanding to the entire World Wide Web.
In an article on the Read Write Web, John Paul Titlow shares how Instagram is growing and will benefit all computer users.  Looking at Instagram pictures will become easier to navigate as it will allow ‘browser-bound’ users to look through an entire user’s photo gallery, instead of just one picture.  However, there is still a barrier between mobile users and ‘browser-bound’ users.  Even though it will be modernized to look like the Facebook timeline, people won’t be able to see who they’re following.
In the future, I believe that capturing pictures will become even more modernized.  There will be better cameras on smart phones with more options.  Color shading will change and someday, we’ll probably even be able to retouch our own photos on Smart phones.  As long as Instagram continues to improve, it will probably continue being successful.   

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